Episode 25 – Tour De World

In this episode I take you on a tour of my “Tour de World” multicache. This multi has eight stages leading to the final cache location. Along the way, I visit Prince George’s first cache “Firestone in the Woods”.
After the trip, I take a look at the Everytrail website that allows you to upload the track log from your GPS and create a route shown on a Google map. Click here to see the trip.
Also, there’s news and another iTunes geocoin giveaway.
Music this month is from RoadTrip, Beau Hall and Groovehead from the Podsafe Music Network.
Files are hosted by Archive.org.
Watch and Enjoy!

Links in Show:
Buddy Ya Gotta Light

BCGA article on Parks Canada
Fumble After Dark 2007
PG Cachers Website

YouTube Featured Video:
Starve Island Geocaching Adventure

Cache Links:
Forest for the World
ShavedButtSheep Prince George
Tour De World on Everytrail
Tour De World Cache
Firestone in the Woods

Beau Hall