Episode 45 – Jasper Caching

I’m caching again! After a a brief look at a recent concert in Prince George, I’m off to cache in Jasper National Park. I take a look at some of the caches avalable in the area and show a great attraction along the way.
This is the first episode with cachng footage shot on the new Flip Ultra HD.

Links in Show:
Blue Man Group – How To Be a Megastar Tour
Concert Footage
David Garibaldi
Flip Ultra HD Camera

Jasper Caching:
Parks Canada Caching Policy
Mt Robson
Mt Christie Cache by Daps (GC1CRJP)
Bubbling Springs Cache by DAPS (GC1CRK5)
Ukrainian Internment Camp by browneyedsusan (GC1J0FK)

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Utah Rocks! (Canyonland Caching) Coin