Episode 44 – Cache Maintenance

In this episode, I introduce a new device that will help in shooting caching video. I take the device out for an evening of caching and end up with some funny results.
In the main event, I take you along as I check out a number of my own caches. Some have gone missing, some are being replaced and another is being returned from a winter hibernation.

Links in Show:

Green Screen from TubeTape.
Lights From Princess Auto.
New Studio Seating.
Geocaching iPhone Application.
Flip Ultra HD

First Feature:
B09 Dog Walking Poker Cache #1 by Stormcloud.
Music: “Like a Dog” by Dave and Confused.

Main Event:
Geocaching Maintenance: A Necessary Evil. By Pablo Mac.
A “PG” View #3 – Back to School.
Icenrye’s Key To A Good Cache.
Prince George Pentcachelon – Outside the Box.
Prince George Pentcachelon – Buckhorn Beauty.