Episode 41 – Dog Sledding

This episode, I go sledding with Able and Roxi. We had an amazing weekend and took some pictures that may be viewed here.

So this episode, I show highlights from my lower mainland tour guide, TJGuy98’s collection of YouTube caching videos. TJGuy goes caching in Manning Provincial Park and provides information on the areas along with showing the cache area. He has quite a few videos and they are entertaining and educational to watch.

Also, there is some exciting news about upcoming events and a new travel bug soon to be released.

Dogpower Adventures
Paparazzi & Pasta Palooza!
Geocaching 101 – Prince George
WWFM V on Podcacher
Caching the World Cache
Caching the World – British Columbia

Main Event:
TJGuy’s YouTube caching videos
Nicola River Cache
Hope Landslide
Wild Rhododendron
Dewdney Trail